Bring predatory fish and fish:

1.1 From 1 March to the last weekend of May, it is NOT allowed to fish for pike and/or zander.

1.2 When fishing for pike and/or zander, with artificial lures or a dead bait fish, the use of a sound metal or fluorocarbon underline is mandatory.

1.3 It is NOT allowed to take home caught fish, caught fish must be immediately put back in the same water.

1.4 Day ticket holders are not allowed to fish for pike and/or zander.

Night fishing:

2.1 Members aged 14 and older are allowed to fish all year round, members under the age of 14 are only allowed to fish nightly under the supervision of at least one parent/guardian. This parent/guardian must be present throughout the night.

2.2 Tents may also be left standing during the day, but make sure that they do not obstruct the passage and do not cause any nuisance. The front of the tent must be fully open during the day. The use of a ground sheet is prohibited.

2.3 The board/inspector reserves the right to inspect the tents and overwraps at all times.

2.4 Day ticket holders are not allowed to fish at night.

2.5 Night fishing means fishing between half an hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise.


3.1 During all forms of carp or feeder fishing, the use and possession of an unhooking mat is mandatory.

3.2 Only members who are in possession of a valid membership card/fish pass from HSV Ons Vermaak Bergeijk are allowed to fish on the fish ponds. Namely: mayor Schaepmanvijver, mayor Lindersvijver and the Waterlaat.

See water chart/fish planner app for details.

3.3 Open fire is strictly prohibited, including barbecues, etc. Only a gas burner/gas appliance is allowed, provided that a bucket of fire extinguishing water is available.

3.4 Drugs and excessive alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited.

3.5 The use of hemp, uncooked particles, colored food, red/colored maggots or an imitation thereof is strictly prohibited.

3.6 Floating fishing is permitted, but pay close attention to the presence of any waterfowl!

3.7 It is forbidden to use a keepnet, except during club competitions.

3.8 During competitions, events, maintenance or other occurring cases, the board is entitled to close the pond at all times and/or to carry out maintenance.

3.9 One is obliged to deposit the waste in the designated waste bins, also think of fishing line, etc.

3.10 You should fish in such a way that you do not otherwise interfere! In the event of a dispute, each angler should fish straight ahead and no further than the center of the pond.

3.11 Each angler must stay with his/her/their rods.

3.12 The board is not liable for damage suffered during the stay at the pond complex.

3.13 It is forbidden to take a bicycle or other means of transport on the pond complex. These must be parked in the designated parking spaces.

3.14 Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the pond complex.

3.15 In all cases of discussion, the board decides.

3.16 You are obliged to show your membership card/fish pass to the board/inspector if requested to do so. The inspector must also identify himself by means of the inspector’s pass of fishing association Ons Vermaak Bergeijk.

3.17 In case of serious negligence of the above regulations, the board/inspector reserves the right to confiscate the membership card/fish pass of those who violate the regulations.

Day tickets:

Day tickets are available at various points of sale in Bergeijk for €3.50. You must have one day ticket per rod with a maximum of two rods.

See the notice board at the pond complex or the website for the points of sale.

If you do not have a valid day ticket (or permit / fishing pass) we will charge you € 10 per rod. This must be paid immediately upon inspection. If you are unable to pay this amount, you will immediately be denied access to the pond complex.